View project closing date beside "Set Status" bar

Inside a project, the due date of a project should show beside the “Set Status” option rather than clicking on the “Edit project details” option to view the due date of a project.

Hello @umbrellaholdings

Not sure what view you are getting, but this is currently the case. You should be able to see the project due date or the time frame of it right underneath the status option from the overview tab.

Here is an image. Hope this helps

This is what I see on the Asana desktop app for Mac

What I am saying is, rather than having to click the overview tab to see the due date, I should be able to see the due date on top right beside the Set Status option.

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I see, now I understand what you mean. The screen shot helped a lot.
I have unresolved the thread and upvoted it too :slight_smile:

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