View/organize tasks as a Mindmap



It will be great to be able to view and organize (and re-organize) tasks in a project in a MindMap-type form.

Some really good use cases and tips were provided in “Mindmap to Asana” post in #tipsandtricks and it shows that users want to (a) use mindmap to prepare the set of tasks and (b) export the set of tasks to a mindmap (for analysis?).

My use case is simple - as soon as there are more than 15-20 tasks and more than a few sections, it becomes hard to manage them as a list.

Being able to view the tasks in a mindmap form (OK, that would be a third view after list and board, but ideally just a flavor of list), can help a lot in being able to observe, categorize, organize and plan tasks. It allows using the visual apparatus more efficiently and fit a lot more tasks on the screen.

For example, the center bubble can be the project name, the first level bubbles are the task sections, second level are tasks and the subtasks show up as third+ level.


Exactly what I was thinking about - mindmap view as a third layout, that would be incredibly helpful!


Asana, this would be a valuable feature!!


Until Asana adds a mind map view (and mind map import)…this may be of interest:

So as not to divert this thread’s topic/discussion, please find more info, and confine any discussion of Asana2Go’s mind map features, to that new thread.

For a short video of these new Asana2Go features (which are pretty fun!):
Demo/How-To Video - Asana2Go: Import and Export Mind Maps


Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi