Scanning View mode for Asana

Hi all,
I have over ten years of experience working as an executive assistant, assisting the board of directors in managing projects and hundreds of tasks/subtasks at the same time. That is the reason why project management software is really important to me.

I have tried many programs, but Asana is my favorite app so far.
However, due to the large number of tasks, I and my boss always need a scanning view mode, which can show some information about all the task lists, such as task name, deadline, last update, etc., so we can make the decision faster, instead of clicking on each task and scrolling down to read the last comment.
Moreover, some of my boss is a low-tech people who just want a printed document report, so my team has to make another report by word or excel file, instead of just exporting or printing out the Asana project.

This is one of the reasons that prevents me and my company from using Asana regularly. So, hopefully, the development team will have this idea in mind to improve the app someday.

Thank you.


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Until/if Asana offers exactly what you’re asking for, where you aware that in a project’s List view you can show almost all of what you ask for: task name, deadline, last update?

For a printed document report you might want to try Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator) which allows for any custom report to be created, but you might consider the built-in all-purpose one described here:

Asana2Go is more streamlined than using Word or Excel exports, but not as ideal as if you can get native Asana to show what you need.

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