View Incomplete Tasks Only in iOS App


It would be great to be able to limit the view of boards in the iOS app to show only incomplete tasks.


I agree with you. Asana could you fix it?


We’ll note your feedback! Thanks for letting us know your thoughts :slight_smile:


+1… for Android! This lack of control makes boards completely unusable for us on the go.


There is in the roadmap for next update


Yes I just tested Asana as an alternative to trello for our team and the lack of this ability is the main reason I’ve decided not to get an enterprise account w Asana. It means boards are completely unusable on mobile, which isn’t an option.

Let me know once this is fixed.


Friendly reminder to vote if you’re interested in this feature!


Please prioritize this feature. Asana is unusable from mobile without this. I don’t want to switch, but it’s been almost a year since boards came out and still don’t have this ability


Is this feature still not implemented? I was so stoked on Asana, until I found out that I can not show only incomplete tasks in the IOS app. Bummer…