Filter for incomplete tasks in boards on android?

Loving boards on the desktop, but on an android device I can’t see any way to filter out completed tasks. Without the ability to do this, boards rapidly become cluttered with greyed out completed tasks, rendering the boards virtually unusable.

It would be great to have the ability in Android to view incomplete tasks only, as on the desktop. Any plans for this?

same problem faced here!

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I came here to post about the same issue!

For me it makes the android app unusable… Being able to ‘complete’ tasks is useless if they stay there forever!

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Asana’s great, but without this feature, I have to spend time cleaning up my boards manually. I’d really like to see this feature added. It’s already the default in the Trello app.


I totally agree! You can filter complete/incomplete on the regular lists on mobile, but not the boards. Asana needs to add this feature asap.

Agreed - another vote here. Love having a native Android app but not being able to filter the view makes it too cluttered on a small device!

They’ve done this on iOS, which is awesome! We can’t roll out organisation-wide until this is available on Android. Please sort ASAP.

This is an unfortunate oversight, since there are only about 2 billion active Android devices in the wild…
Adding this feature will make Asana a No-Brainer choice for Android.
It’s so close to being perfect!

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It would be nice to have an estimated timeline for filtering on Android. It really isn’t usable as is. If the incomplete tasks were sorted to the top, then maybe.

Was this issue resolved where you can “hide” completed tasks from the app? I see you can with the task view but the calendar view still shows all my completed tasks which is bad when viewing things on a mobile device. Please let me know the status of the fix. Considering this topic is 7 months old it does concern me that this feature won’t be added.

If there’s a way to do this on mobile in either view, I haven’t found it. The desktop filter for the boards view works great, but the setting doesn’t transfer to mobile devices, at least for me.

I don’t use the calendar view much so I can’t comment on that.



Hi, Please Fix or advise on how to change setting! Using boards on Android, nearly unusable with all completed tasks displaying… I redid “Save this display for everyone” on desktop, doesn’t appear to help.

Dear God, how can this still be a thing after a year? It needs full filtering, not just complete/incomplete (which it is still missing).