View Complete vs Incomplete Tasks



Here is a thought - not sure if many of you experience the same thing as me.
I plan the project and have tasks with subtasks. In the early stage of the project, the view option is set to view all tasks. This helps people understand the overall picture. Once the project is well on its way,. the view becomes incomplete tasks only.
The only problem is, sometimes, people complete a task without completing it is subtasks. Some of those subtasks have their own workflow.
It would be great if view option = incomplete tasks
a task that is marked complete but still has open subtasks will still appear in this view option.


Perhaps you can use the “waiting on” property? It may not completely prevent them from completing the tasks, but it may help give more info. :slight_smile:


Hi there! I’m Lily, one of the Success Managers here at Asana.

If you’re trying to surface this information a little easier, I might have a good suggestion for you.

Advanced Search is going to be your best bet to view all incomplete subtasks in your project. Navigate to Advanced Search by clicking on the search bar at the top, and choosing the fourth option at the bottom. This will open up a window for you to input the following similar parameters:

You will want to “Add Filter” to get the Subtask option (found within “More”). This will give you a list a subtasks in your designated project that you can then sort (from the top right) to view more easily.

If this is something you need to look at frequently I would suggest saving the search result but staring it (similar to favoriting a project). This will anchor it to your side bar and because it’s dynamic and will update in real time, you can come back to it at any point to view the most up to date results.

Hope this helps!


Sadly this was removed from Asana’s free tier and now I can’t event search thru my stuff. Any idea’s on how a single user account can search for active tasks?