View all Recurring Tasks only



Is there a way of viewing all recurring tasks in one view/report?

We have a Project called ‘Recurring Tasks’, but there is always a risk that tasks might be missed from being assigned to this project. I can’t see a way of using reports/filters to just show tasks with a recurring dates.

Any ideas please?

Many thanks.


Hi @Tony_Good,

I can’t think of an automated way to do that, however you can select all tasks of the project, copy and paste their titles to a spreadsheet.

After that, you mark all of them as complete. Then, the recurring ones will reappear. If you compare this with the ones “saved” in the spreadsheet, it can be an audit about the ones that were not set as recurring.

You can revert all of that later, switching to “Complete” view and unmarking them as complete.

Hope it helps!

Best regards


Hi Millor

Nice little workaround to identify recurring tasks so thanks for your reply.

I’m really looking for a comprehensive view of all tasks with recurring due dates, which will include tasks that may have been missed from being assigned to the ‘recurring tasks’ project.

I don’t feel that a ‘recurring tasks’ project is the right way to keep track of them and am looking for a view or filter that dynamically picks up any task that’s given a recurring date, whichever project it may have been assigned to.