Marketing Calendar, how to see all dates of a project in the calendar?

Hi Community,

Is there a way to see all dates of my projects in the calander view?

Example: I’ve a project called “Sunny Fridays” that returns every week on Friday from Aug 26 till Sep 23.

So that gives me 5 times the project “Sunny Fridays”.

My question: “Is there a way that shows alle these projects in my calendar? To see an overview for what is coming?”

At this moment, I added all project manually on the date by duplicating them. If I tested it, it only shows the next date by completing the previous one.

Who can help? Or is there a much better way to do this. Still learning :slight_smile:


Hi @JSQ,

I think your “Sunny Fridays” is a recurring task, not a project; correct me here if I am wrong.

Going under that assumption, you should simply add the task to a project and then save the project’s layout as default to the Calendar View.


Hi @Rosario_Messina

I read a about recurring task. The problem I’ve with the recurring task is that it only shows the next one when the previous one is marked as complete. It duplicates and show the next one.

I would like to see “all duplicates” at once. Is there a way? So I’ve an overview for all upcoming tasks.

If there’s a beter way, show me :slight_smile:


Hi Laurent,

Not that I am aware of other than you having to manually duplicate the tasks, or completing them a bunch of times so that they recreate and then reopening the just completed tasks. Both are suboptimal solutions.

Not sure if the other @pforumleader have better solutions.


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In Asana itself, as indicated by @Rosario_Messina, you must do this manually.

But you could consider @Bastien_Siebman’s third-party tool to create all the recurrences:

Hope that helps,



Thanks for sharing my tool, I hope it can help!

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