Video: The Asana Community Forum has reached 10,000 members! #10K



We’ve reached 10,000 members in the Asana Community! As your Community Manager, I am delighted and honored to congratulate you and celebrate this accomplishment with you. My genuine thanks to all of you for making this Community as helpful, kind, and successful as it is!

Watch this video to hear what 10,000 members means to all of us on the Asana team. And this week keep an eye out for more posts celebrating this 10,000 member milestone. Thank you and congratulations!



How exciting! The community has been such a great resource for our customers!


Yey! Congratulations to everyone and kudos to the wonderful Asanas contributing to this amazing space. We are looking forward to all our European customers joining in, adding new creative nuances and even more local flavor. :blush:


Congrats, community members :tada: It’s such a pleasure to get to work with you all :smile:


Fantastic video guys! And thanks to everyone participating in our community! :slight_smile:


This is great to see the faces of Asana employees :heart:


I love this video! :tada: Thank you Asana. This Community is what sets Asana apart from all of the other project management tools out there, and I’m very proud to be a part of it. Here’s to 20,000 members!


How fun! I echo @Mark_Hudson. The community is such a valuable space for Asana users. Keep on, keepin’ on. :slight_smile:


By the way, whose is the dog? Is it the Asana office dog, or did someone bring it in specially? :dog:


Haha great question. The dog is Dudley! He’s Shannon’s dog (the woman holding him in the video) and he comes to the office all the time. He’s practically our team mascot :stuck_out_tongue:


Fun to see some of the team. Keep up the awesome work with the app, and we’ll keep being community. We :orange_heart: asana


Congratulations @Alexis and all the Asana Community team!!! <3