Video Capture Software With Voice Recording For Asana Training


Any recommendations for Video Capture Software with Voice that I would like to look into for some Asana Training with companies.



Hi @James_Carl! While I don’t have anything in particular to recommend, I do trust the opinion of CNET and they provide a helpful recommendation for Macs here: They recommend using Quicktime with a free piece of software called Soundflower.

Similarly, PC Advisor offers advice for PC users in this article: They recommend CamStudio, which I have heard good things about. I hope this helps!


For my videos, I just use Quicktime on the Mac. But I believe you’re on a PC @James_Carl?




For my Asana Training Masterclass course, I used Screenflow (Mac only). For PC, I recommend Camtasia.


I am in Trial on Camtasia. Thanks


Camtasia is my fav for PC


If you have MS Office, perhaps this will work for you:

I am not completely sure if it can record both screen and audio at the same time.


Techsmith, the makers of Camtasia, also have a couple of other products that are more lightweight that can still do serviceable recording and narration. Snag-It is the one I’ve used the most and it gets the job done for me.

If you’re a MS Office user you could also look into Office Mix. Its a powerpoint plugin that offers quite a lot of interesting features for screen recording, narration, and sharing.