Allow video screen recordings to be played directly in Asana

I’m shocked at what a cumbersome process it is to watch a screen recording posted in a particular task.

  1. Click on the link
  2. Possibly be required to login to Asana again
  3. Initiate the download of the video file to your computer desktop
  4. Launch a video player app to watch the short 20 second video clip

If other websites like Facebook and Twitter can allow people to watch short videos in their feed, why can’t Asana apply this to tasks?

Hello @Robert23,

do you refer to vimeo recordings? If so was the vimeo recording performed directly from within Asana? Because in this case it shows like this for me:

It allows me to click play and watch the video directly within Asana.

No, I’m not talking about videos posted on major platforms. I’m referring to short screen shot videos any Mac user can make by pressing Command Shift 5. These allow you to create a video at whatever size you want, whether that is the full screen, or just a small section of the screen. It’s a great way to show a web developer a problem I’m seeing in the website he’s working on.