Loom integration with Asana

Has anyone use Loom to add video’s directly into Asana conversations, it’s awesome check i out;

Let me know your thoughts is anyone using it?


@Phil This looks like a great tool. There were a few other community members chatting about this a few weeks ago here Screen recording directly IN Asana (with Loom).

Maybe @Brad_Poirier can share a few thoughts on how he’s using it?

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I’m not currently using inside Asana, but rather for a different process.
I threw it out on the community board to alert people of it though.

I currently use it to show problems with software that I’m using to send up to devs.


How did you get the video to show up? Did you have to install something? I can’t get it to work.

I asked loom and they said Asana no longer supports in line loom videos.


That’s so disappointing. Thanks for the update!

So Asana isn’t going to support Loom anymore, any reason? Trello does.

Hi there, Cathya here from the Asana Support Team.

Just wanted to share this so you all can stay up to date on the Loom x Asana integration.

Hope this helps clarify some things! :blush:


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Any update here ?

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Hey Asana team!

I know this was possible in the early days. I’m a big fan of both Asana and Loom. It would be great if we can go back to how this used to work. I also want Loom videos to show inside comments / project updates without someone having to click off Asana. They should be visible inside Aside with a click to play functionality.

Is it possible for this to be addressed? I see I’m not the only one.



Is there a latest update on the Asana - Loom integration?

Coming? No?

Still no integration with Loom?

and… still no update? :crying_cat_face:

I’ve been using Loom for several weeks now, great quick and easy screen recording extension for Chrome.
If you’re not using it yet, get it now for free - Loom: Async Video Messaging for Work | Loom
(That’s a referral link from them, they’re in beta so they’re incentivizing people to refer, so please use that link :slight_smile:

Anyway, it’s quick, easy, and free. They just released integrations though, so it will work directly in Asana, which is an awesome feature to have!


Thanks, @Brad_Poirier- I’m excited to try this. Have you used any other recording extension tools that you could compare it to?

The ability to use in Asana seems great, and I wonder if there’s other things that make it stand out from other video recording tools.

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The only screen recorder I’ve used is Jing. Jing is just as easy, but it’s a couple extra clicks. What’s great with Loom is that soon as you stop recording, it immediately opens a window and the video is already processed. It’s super quick.

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@Brad_Poirier thanks for telling us about this! This could be a really useful tool for us on the CS / Community side of things.


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Any updates here? @Vinay_Hiremath
Because I am currently looking for a good screen recording tool for Asana

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