Using @user variables for targeted commenting using rules

I would really like to have a possibility to target auto comment to a user to whom the task is currently assinged.
Example: I have a rule to add a comment on Task Compete action to remind the assignee that he needs to add actual hours spent on a task after he completes the task. And I want that specific user to have notification with his name tagged in inbox with this reminder comment or even have a message personnaly sent to assignee in Slack to remind him about it.
The problem is that tasks can be ssigned to differet users and I cannot specify the assignee
in a rule in a new project as my tasks initially may have no assignees.
On slack in Tools and shortcuts they would let me use some @variableuser and address that particular user when he triggers action. I would love to have such varable which will take a username of assignee of the task and tag him in the comment.
I suspect that would be useful in many other cases to have that variable.

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If you just post a comment, the assignee will be notified but they are always a collaborator as well. That would, though, also notify the other collaborators. But doesn’t that work in your case?

I would like to see this for messaging outside Asana, such as Slack.

If a task is 1 day overdue, DM the {{assignee}}

If, of course, that assignee is in Slack. But then this would be a good use case for ELSE if any part of that rule broke.


But this cannot be used for sending DM to Slack. Inbox sometimes gets too loaded with messages. Yes I know that one should take time to go through it but what you should do is not always what you actually do)

Are you saying because the Asana Inbox has too many messages, you want to DM someone in Slack to bring that notification to their attention?

Well, just ran on your (if I’m not mistaken) topic ‘Stop connecting Slack and Asana’ and I agree that it’s a matter of ones’ discipline in checking their inbox.
But discipline is often an issue. But probably you’re right that creating features to fix human disorderliness is too much (money, effiort etc)

Yes kind of, I just cringe at the “Let’s add other notifications because people don’t see the existing ones” strategy :confused: