Using the science of Collaborative Intelligence to improve business outcomes - March 7th, 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT

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Most of your and your employees’ days are spent collaborating. But most of that collaboration is broken. If business leaders had a way to measure where collaboration was broken, would it change how employees worked?

The research says yes. In a recent study done by the Work Innovation Lab, a think tank by Asana, 93% of participants made at least one concrete change to how they worked when provided with information on how their behaviors impacted others.

Today, 75% of companies are struggling to collaborate across different business functions. In a time where businesses look inward to address inefficiencies, one area they should invest in to inform their decisions is Collaborative Intelligence.

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  • Understand how Collaborative Intelligence can be a competitive advantage

  • Create your own Collaborative Intelligence assessment to uplevel the employee + customer experience

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