Using TextExpander with Asana to create better tasks

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d share how I’m using TextExapander to write better tasks and notes in Asana:

  • Create a snippet like “;task” which creates a fill-in snippet like: “[VERB] [SUBJECT] [DETAILS]”. Basically the snippet forces you follow a naming convention.
  • I use snippets to spit out long lists of subtasks/checklists for common tasks e.g. writing a blog post. So I simply type “;blogsub” in the subtask area and a long list of subtasks is created e.g. “Write post”, “Create featured image” etc.
  • Similarly, I use “;blogdes” to fill the description with a bunch of headline templates that I can consider.
  • I’ve also just created a new snippet called “;delegate” where I can use fill-ins to popular the description area with information like “Task context” “Action” and “Next Action”.

If you aren’t using TextExander yet, definitely check it out. Asana is just one area I use it in, but it’s also great for writing email canned responses and quickly typing common blocks of text like email addresses etc.


How do you set this up in textexpander @paulminors?

I have nothing to add (right now) but a simple “Like” seemed insufficient.

Great idea and use of textexpander/snippets to enhance the Asana workflow!


@Jeff_Maughan I replied in the other thread: Add sub-task template to existing task? - #4 by Jeff_Maughan

Thanks @Geoff_Manning :slight_smile:

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Love advice like this but sure could use a print screen with it to visualize

I’ve been hoping to be able to use TextExpander to get around the loss of the : Subheading in Asana. I’d love to be able to use TextExpander to run a list of tasks including their subheadings…in the same way we used to be able to do with the : I’ve had a good go at adding the TabN is many different ways, but no luck so far.