Using TextExpander with Asana to create better tasks



Hi everyone,

I thought I’d share how I’m using TextExapander to write better tasks and notes in Asana:

  • Create a snippet like “;task” which creates a fill-in snippet like: “[VERB] [SUBJECT] [DETAILS]”. Basically the snippet forces you follow a naming convention.
  • I use snippets to spit out long lists of subtasks/checklists for common tasks e.g. writing a blog post. So I simply type “;blogsub” in the subtask area and a long list of subtasks is created e.g. “Write post”, “Create featured image” etc.
  • Similarly, I use “;blogdes” to fill the description with a bunch of headline templates that I can consider.
  • I’ve also just created a new snippet called “;delegate” where I can use fill-ins to popular the description area with information like “Task context” “Action” and “Next Action”.

If you aren’t using TextExander yet, definitely check it out. Asana is just one area I use it in, but it’s also great for writing email canned responses and quickly typing common blocks of text like email addresses etc.

Add sub-task template to existing task?

How do you set this up in textexpander @paulminors?


I have nothing to add (right now) but a simple “Like” seemed insufficient.

Great idea and use of textexpander/snippets to enhance the Asana workflow!


@Jeff_Maughan I replied in the other thread: Add sub-task template to existing task?

Thanks @Geoff_Manning :slight_smile:


Love advice like this but sure could use a print screen with it to visualize