Using Emoji's through API not working

When using the API to add comments to a task, emoji-codes arent converted to the emoji itself. For example, when i send : smile : (without the spaces obviously) i just shows up als just that, and not as :smile:

It doesnt matter it i use “text” or “html_text” to send the data.

Does this really not work? or am i doing something wrong?

I just test it, I am able to add any emoji using the corresponding utf-8 character.

I mean, do not use the “text” reference, but the real utf-8 character, like this one: :blush: (just copy-paste it, it’s not an image, it’s a pure utf-8 character)

(edit) it looks like the asana forum replace it with an image and a : plush : if I copy paste… but you can search for it and find the corresponding utf8 character!

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