Using Custom HTTP node in n8n to change color of project not working

I’m trying to change the color of projects with API using Custom HTTP node in n8n. I’m getting a normal response but no color change

p.s. I’m using custom node and not the asana native node because the asana native node is giving me error 500

Any help please

____This is the request
“HTTP Request”
{headers: {…}, method: ‘PUT’, uri: ‘’, gzip: true, rejectUnauthorized: true, …}
body: {data: ‘{“color” : “dark-blue”}’}
gzip: trueheaders: {content-type: ‘application/json’, accept: ‘application/json’}json: truemethod: “PUT” rejectUnauthorized:
truetimeout: 3600000uri: “”[[Prototype]]: Object

-----The response I’m getting

“gid”: “12029…”,
“resource_type”: “project”,
“created_at”: “2022-09-01T18:22:56.292Z”,
“modified_at”: “2022-09-01T18:22:58.106Z”,
“due_date”: null,
“due_on”: null,
“current_status_update”: null,
“current_status”: null,
“public”: true,
“name”: “12th Avenue Fish Store”,
“notes”: “…”,
“archived”: false,
“workspace”: {
“gid”: “155183…”,
“resource_type”: “workspace”,
“name”: “
“team”: {
“gid”: “12018”,
“resource_type”: “team”,
“name”: “ClientList”
“permalink_url”: “Log in - Asana”,
“default_view”: “list”,
“start_on”: null,
“completed”: false,
“completed_at”: null,
“completed_by”: null,
“owner”: {
“gid”: “15518”,
“resource_type”: “user”,
“name”: “Yr”
“color”: null,
“followers”: ,
“custom_field_settings”: ,
“members”: [
“gid”: “15518321”,
“resource_type”: “user”,
“name”: “Yor”
“icon”: “list”,

Calling the node developer I know of, @Bastien_Siebman

Are you able to update anything else like the name for example?

Tried now changing name and it is not working as well

{“name”: “12222 th Avenue Fish Store”, “color” : “dark-blue”}

See picture:

I really don’t understand…

Trying to change name itself, as you suggested, is also not working

My guess is that the format of your body is not accepted. If you mess up with the body, does it raise an error? it would be a way to confirm that Asana does read/see your body.

I know that when doing a PUT request in Postman, there are several options for format, including form-data, raw… maybe you can choose the format as well?