Project Color and New rich text

I have two questions:

  1. When I create project via API and set color, it is set only by my user, and for all it stays transparent. What am i doing wrong?

  2. New rich text does not work for me, i try to:

var options = {
“method” : “GET”,
“headers” : {“Authorization”: "Bearer " + asanaToken,
“Asana-Enable” : “new_rich_text”},
“contentType”: ‘application/json’,
muteHttpExceptions: true

I try to get Project with rich text notes, but i get only usual notes. No rich notes

Hi @dgraid,

  1. Currently, it’s only possible to set your personal color for a project.
  2. The new rich text headers only control the format of the rich text. To control whether it’s included in the API response, you’ll need to select the fields you want using our opt_fields parameter.
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  1. I don’t need personal color for the project , i want to set color for everyone via API.
    API now works for personal project color, not common.

  2. Fine, I added ?opt_fields=id,html_notes’, and then it returned the HTML version, it did not return that without opt_field parameter, so i did not get this. Thank you!

We’re planning to manage TONS of projects via the API - when will setting color for all via the API be implemented? Is it planned to be implemented at all?


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I also wanted to manage projects for a team via the REST API and set colors to visually categorize them, but this is not supported still? @dgraid


Still not ((