Using Asana instead of Aha

Hi there - We are thinking of using Asana as a product management tool (and project management tool). What I’m wondering if is if we can customize task record layouts in Asana to be something similar to Aha. See attached. Aha allows there to be multiple tabs to group related info on a product record. Can we do something similar in Asana? Open to any suggestions or recommendations.

Hi @Sheila_Shah ,

Welcome to Asana! I’m not familiar with Aha and don’t fully understand your ask from the graphic above. Task views themselves have limited customizability (i.e., you can’t create “tabs” within tasks, at least natively), but depending on your workflow, you could accomplish something like this at the project level with filterable views of the task list.

In this case, you would treat each product as an Asana project (this probably makes sense, given the scope/scale), and each task could represent some sub-section of biographical data about that product.

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Welcome, @Sheila_Shah,

Overview is actually a default tab in all Asana projects. In that tab, there’s a Project Brief with a modern editor.

The other tabs in your screenshot could potentially be Sections/Columns in List/Board view, respectively.

What does Aha do in those tabs?



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Thank you both. @lpb Aha captures additional information related to a product for the topic named in the tab. Some of these could be images (Concept tab), list of partners (Innovation Network tab), Define/develop (information related to those phases for the product.

Ok, thanks. You can create one or more tasks in each of the corresponding sections to capture all that info, and tailor it specifically to each product, or consider using Task Templates if you repeat the same structure for these for all products.