Help advocating for Asana vs. Smartsheets


My team uses Asana to support a variety of cross-functional initiatives, including project management, content calendaring, campaign mgmt, and most importantly to manage our development cycles, and platform intake requests. We truly live in Asana – and as much as we believe it to be critical, our IT team does not.

Our company is in the midst of a major consolidation project, and has already made the decision to move forward with Smartsheets as the enterprise grade “project management” tool. Because Asana can be used for project management it is on the chopping block. For the past several months, we’ve been trying our best to recreate asana experiences in smartsheet – and despite being promised the featured we leverage the most are available in smartsheets, it’s become all too clear that that was not the case.

The good news here, is that we now have one last fighting shot to make our case, and truly advocate for why ASANA is critical to day-to-day operations of our team. As part of our preparation, I figured I’d solicit the advice of the Asana community.

  1. Has anyone had to justify the use of Asana to IT? How did you make the case?

  2. Asana vs Smartsheets resources: I am particularly interested in resources/tips on how we can specifically call out that Smartsheets is not an equally sufficient tool. If you know of any resources, for example, a side by side feature comparison of Asana vs. Smartsheets – I’d be internally grateful if you’d be willing to share.

Last but not least, cost has nothing to do with the decision. If it was, we probably wouldn’t need to ask for your help. lol

p.s. we have nothing against smartsheets, it’s great for project mgmt (ie projects that have a start/end date). It just does not work for on-going task mgmt, and is missing several key features (like cross-tagging across projects for example)

While I am a first time poster here in the Asana forums, I’ve been a user for nearly 4 years.

Hi :wave:,
As a certified pro, we were provided with a detailed comparison of Asana versus other tools, but I can’t seem to get my hands on the document to share insights. Maybe @Francesca @Marie or @Emily_Roman could help!

Also make sure to google that, there are probably dozens of comparisons out there you can leverage.

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Hi @Leah_Knowles, thanks for reaching out!

As Bastien mentioned, we offer some exclusive resources to the members of the Asana Together Community, you can find more information here. We have this public website for customers:

If you are interested, you can also have a look a this article that covers IT use cases.

I also recommend you contacting our sales team as they can give you more specific details and an overview of Asana vs. Smartsheets.

I hope this helps!

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Awesome! Thank you @Bastien_Siebman and @Emily_Roman for taking the time to respond and share resources. much appreciated.


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