Asana + Smartsheet - integration help needed

Hello, Asana community!
I’ve been asked by a client to look into integration between Asana and Smartsheet. As such, I’m seeking additional information on how we might accomplish this goal. If you have experience with this, I’d love your advice!


  • The client manages their work via Smartsheet and has no plans to change to an alternative platform, e.g., Asana.
  • My team manages our client engagements and resourcing in Asana; this includes full list of planned activities with scheduled dates, locations, and team member assignments.
  • The client would like the information from our Asana projects to flow into their Smartsheet in order to track and manage the work for which they’ve partnered with us alongside additional initiatives that they are pursuing on their own.
  • We would like to find a solution that allows data to flow as its updated in Asana into Smartsheet; we’d prefer this approach as opposed to using the export feature in Asana and then uploading the static information into Smartsheet.
  • I am not an IT expert, but I am my team’s lead on our Asana environment for managing our work.

Hi @Jessica_Turner,
I’d recommend looking into these 3rd party app:

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Marie!

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