Using Asana for Project note taking

I have a question about the use of Asana for “storage” of project note taking. I am noticing more of our internal teams creating a Section within the project for Team Notes. Within the project, each week is a new Task (date of meeting). Notes are taken/held within the Description.
What happens to that information once the project is over and should then be marked as Completed and/or archived? Is it accessible for future use? What happens to that Project if the owner leaves the organization? What happens if the organization leaves Asana? (Don’t worry not going to happen but just need think of the implications/complications of this type of use).

Thanks for your help!

Hello @Eleni_Ledesma

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The information will still be available and findable. The project will just be displayed as Completed or Archived. No changes or loss of data.


The project will still be accessible to its members. In the very worst-case scenario, if you get locked out, the owner can be changed by the Asana support team. The project does not go away with the owner :slight_smile:

You are able to export the project data.



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