Using Asana for Lean and Continuous Improvement

Does anyone have knowledge of how to integrate many of the Lean and Continuous Improvement tools within Asana? Specifically problem solving and A3 templates? It would be a nice feature to have available to collaborate with cross-functional teams when going through scientific problem solving methodology.

Hi @William_Ford, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! You can certainly integrate other tools and collaborate with cross-functional teams in Asana, could you confirm the name of some of the tools you would like to integrate with Asana? Thank you!

Hi @Emily_Roman, thanks for the friendly welcome. One tool specifically I would like to incorporate is the A3 problem solving tool. Some problem solving tools involve numerous pages of information, multiple charts and graphs and lengthy reports. The A3 Report format can be used to more effectively communicate all of the pertinent information with greater visual impact. While the A3 Report is an effective communication tool, it is actually much more valuable as a problem solving and critical thinking tool that can be used to drive continuous improvement. The A3 Report fosters a problem solving / continuous improvement mindset within the participating team members. It is an excellent tool for managers and supervisors to share problem solving techniques with their teams.
A3 Template

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