Users can see private projects


I invited some members to my “asana” - But, for some reason users can see tasks, comments, tasks status of projects that are private, and that I am the only One it it.

Is this supposed to hapen? Attached you can see a screenshot taken by one of the new members

Hi @Fabio_Pedro

I think you need to check the settings on your projects. If they’re private to members and you’re the only member of those projects, no one else should be able to see any of the tasks, comments, etc.

The quickest way to check them all is to have a look at your sidebar. If your projects are private to you, they should have padlocks next to them:


If they don’t, you need to go into the projects and change the privacy settings.

They are Private, that is why i find it weird that they can see it


This is the Setting that i have

Did you check that you did not invite the other team mates to the projects? If you invite them to the project in asana, then they have access to it.

The privacy level is linked to the people inside the project. I had an instance of a team member adding an external consultant to an entire project instead of a single sub-task…


I agree with @Carlo. The padlock indicates that the project’s private to members, not just private to you. If you’ve invited your colleagues to those projects, they’ll see everything.

Also, the projects you’ve shared in your second screenshot don’t appear in the first, suggesting that the settings are indeed different for those ones.

Hope you manage to sort it out.

This was the solution! i had some archived projects! Tank you everyone and Thank you @Mark_Hudson I Owe you a drink! next time you are in Portugal ping me and drinks are on me! :smiley:


You’re very welcome, Fabio! I’m glad you figured it out. If I’m ever in your beautiful country, I’ll take you up on that. :beer: :+1: