Privacy and Project permissions question

i have 2 projects in my account - 1 is a group one, and 1 is my own - they are both labeled as private with the little icon of a lock. i’m keen on keeping the project that is my own private from and inaccessible to members of the group project on the same account. since they are both ‘private’ and labeled with the identical icon, it is not at all clear to me that my own project is actually under lock to the people in group project. Please advise! thank you!

Hello @Nina_L_Smolyar, welcome to Asana Forum.
if both of your projects are set as
Screenshot 2020-11-17 at 18.04.14
with little icon of a lock, then only members direclty added to project (under share option)

have access to this project and all tasks in it. So when you have project with only you as a member, then it’s visible just for you.

More informaton about privacy settings you can find here:


Thanks so much Charlie!