User Story Mapping Tool for Asana

Hi, everyone! I’m working on creating a new integration for Asana - a board where you can organize your tasks (stories) using User Story Mapping approach - group stories by activity, tasks, sub-tasks, and releases (milestones). You can learn more about it in this video by Jeff Patton.

Do you think that’s a good idea for a new integration? I’d really like to get your opinion on this.


I’m a big fan of Story Mapping! If I can assign an epic as a custom field and export out to a story map tool, I can see a lot of value!


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Agreed, this sounds fantastic. Keep us posted when it is ready for testing please.

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Hi Koistya,
I think it’s a great idea! I’ve been doing customer experience design (kind of like user stories, but in the real world…retail, hospitality, B2B, etc.) fora while. Its so hard to arrange/rearrange steps and track details in current tools. The interface always seems to get in the way. With storymap’s link to asana projects, that frustration I’ve felt may disappear :wink:
I see many ways to use the tool and look forward to collaborating. Of note, my company, StoryMiners, does experience design. It’s very similar to UX/UI design and user story mapping, but we also map encounters in stores, hospitals, offices, plants and warehouses, etc. It’s all the same stuff, just a different palette of colors to work with.

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This would be a great tool to have integrated in Asana to allow all team members of a project to add comments or info straight through Asana along with any relevant task informations. Would love to be part of any Beta testing you end up going down that route.

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Yes, where do I sign up!?

Hi, it’s going to be a great integration.
You should definitely keep working on this, as this is something which is still missing in Asana.

Hey! Sounds like a great idea. Good to see that there is some support for linking up Asana to a user story map.

Just wanted to point out that the above screenshot from the OP is from our user story mapping tool — Avion!

We have some pretty in-depth integrations, but could look at integrating with Asana if the demand is there :slight_smile: