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Hi, I would appreciate your assistance.

I open a tasks with the option ‘Add tasks by email’ and I want the tasks that sent from the emails will use the one of the template I defined.
How can I do it?

Welcome, @Gal_Zion,

I’m afraid that’s not directly possible with Asana currently.

A workaround that may help could be the use of merging tasks (I’m assuming by “template” you mean "task template). You’d accomplish this as follows:

  1. Add a task to a project by email as you normally do, say it’s called “Task from email”
  2. Add a dummy template task to a project by clicking the Add New button and choosing a template task you’d previously created
  3. With that dummy template task selected, in Task Detail, click “…” overflow menu > Advanced actions > Merge duplicate tasks and autocomplete “Task from email” in the input field

Your dummy task will be closed and the template (say it offers subtasks) will be inherited into the existing “Task from email.” It takes a couple steps but may be the best you can do for now.

Hope that helps,


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Ok I will try it thank you, but it will not work automatically with the template every time I will open tasks by emails right? I will have to do it manually?

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Yes, that’s right; it’s manual.

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Ok thank you!


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