Use Asana in Multiple Languages at once


I’m currently working with a bilingual team and some of my deliverables are in Spanish and others in English. Therefore, when I create a project to create a deliverable that is in Spanish, all my tasks and sections, etc are in Spanish to not have to translate when finalizing everything. However, it is getting a bit annoying that Asana automatically sets everything I write as a spelling mistake :sweat_smile: is it possible to have Asana in English (the app itself and it’s settings) but accept writing in another language?

Manuela :slight_smile:

Hi @Manuela_Belisario ,

If you consider using Asana in a browser then you can set the browser auto-correction function to the languages you wish, in the Asana App this function is not available as far as I am aware.

Maybe you can consider using the Browser when you do the heavy lifting of the writing for instance.

Login to to use Asana in a browser and select your spell-check preferences from within the browser you use.

How to activate spell-check in Chrome

…and Firefox


Hey Rosario!

Thank you so much. I hadn’t thought about this solution, that’s a good idea. Hopefully one day they’ll sneak in a feature in Asana for this as well.

And thank you for the extra info on how to set the spell check in the browsers!

Have a great day :slight_smile:

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