Use AI to move parts of a conversation into appropriate tasks and projects

When I am having a conversation with someone, either online or in person, the conversation often switches from one topic to the next. But in asana, conversations are generally within tasks that are very specific. It would be nice if you could “chat” with someone and have the statements be auto-inserted (or suggested) as new tasks or within existing tasks. Some AI analysis could be used to figure out where to file these conversations.

Just now I was responding to a comment from someone in a particular task, and I wanted to ask this person about something else, related to another task. It’s very disruptive to have to go searching for that task, and comment there. It would be much better if I could press a button and have the conversations re-routed appropriately and semi-automatically.

Thanks for creating this thread and sharing your feedback, @Jeremy_Levy! We have some updates coming for Asana Intelligence this year, I’ll keep you posted if this feature is included :slight_smile: