URLs should be clickable in sub task headlines in the task detail view



Could you make URLs in headlines clickable like you do in comments. This is especially important for sub task headlines. I can’t currently past urls into sub tasks because people can’t click them.

It could work exactly like in comments where urls turn blue as soon as http: is present…


I would love to move from Trello to Asana, I was planning on doing so. But now I realise I can’t use Markup or have clickable URLs within task/subtasks.

Every other tool I’ve used lets you use Markup (Trello) or uses Autolinking (Wunderlist).

Any chance this will be added?

I work with some very untechnical people, having to Copy + Paste a URL makes their workflow expontentially more difficult and having to drill into subtask descriptions just to click a link would require days of training vs little training.

As far as I can tell, this might only be possible right now with custom fields in the premium version? Sad :frowning:


This is specifically what I mean:



FYI: I have come up with my own workaround for this. It’s not ideal since it requires duplicate content, but it’s workable in the meantime.