Add Human Readable Text To Task Slug/Url

If you copy an Asana link, you get something like this:

This link gives the viewer no content about the task. If you paste in this in a GitHub description, slack channel, or email, the viewer has to click the link to learn about the task.

Trello, for example, appends a slugified version of the title behind the id’s in the URL.

I find this very helpful.

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Hi @Tyler_Zey and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

We’ve recently introduced hyperlinks in Asana and we’re already looking into how to improve them. Since your feedback is in-line with this, i’ve made a task to our Product Team for them to consider for a future update. While I can’t promise anything right now, I’ll make sure to keep you posted if I hear anything on my end!


Marie, what’s the update on this feature request?

I think there are 2 blockbuster features that Asana is not great, otherwise Asana is awesome.

  1. Have a human readable task slug (identifier)

  2. GitLab (not GitHub) full integration