URGENT: Asana Integration into Discord (IFTTT does not work!)

I have been trying for a month to manage some sort of integration between Asana and Discord all in vain. The IFTTT Asana Applet is broken! How come we don’t have Asana integration for Discord like the one used in Slack already? Please upvote this and give it priority.


Hi @Rami_Emad and welcome to the forum!

Have you tried Zapier in place of IFTTT? Its Asana integration is working, not broken like IFTTT.


Asana API works perfectly on Zapier, but Zapier is limited and very expensive! I would have to switch from Asana to lesser quality less expensive options due to that.

I do think it is a small tiny bug and it is easy to fix; Asana integration with Slack Works perfectly, so why not with Webhooks to Discord? or via IFTTT? Also the Asana Sync to Google Calendar is sooooooo slow and so bad it is useless. Asana is basically an organizer app! If I can’t link it to my Google Calendar then all the amazing features Asana has are useless to me! Please fix this and take it seriously; also the RTL Arabic text direction, it gets messed up once we add a single LTR character within the sentence, that alone excludes 400 million Arabic speakers from using Asana.

Feel free to contact me anytime and I would be willing to have a zoom call and explain it all in video, I can provide valuable information for anyone trying to fix these bugs.


Hi @Rami_Emad,

Just one thing I wanted to note: the IFTTT-Asana integration is built and maintained by IFTTT, not Asana. Asana’s API team has reached out to IFTTT numerous times in an effort to help them get the integration fixed, but has gotten absolutely no response from IFTTT; see:


I am Tech Savvy and I can program a bot to do that; Actually I managed to create a Discord Bot that can add New Tasks in Asana; but I am having issues in how to “READ” or “GET” new tasks or edits from Asana to my bot. To explain, I can POST to Asana from Discord new tasks only without the good features of integration (like the ones in Slack for example); I can’t find a way to GET information from the Asana API to the Discord bot I created or the Webhooks. I would really love any direct help or contact and it would help people both move to Asana and to Discord from other Organizer Apps. I think the way to do it is so simple, I am just not an expert, and I don’t know how to read updates from Asana. The same issue is in the Sync with Google Calendar, it does sync but almost 24 hours late, which is very bad and renders it useless. I think this should be a high priority for the Asana team, if you agree with me.


Thank you so much @Marie … Asana is a game-changer for me; it is the Perfect app that I could think of to run and manage my small Science Education Volunteer Initiative https://youtube.com/AstroGate
I don’t want to leave Asana and go back to the complicated systems I used before; only because of very very silly and easy to fix bugs that make work impossible on Asana. To list some out:

  1. The RTL text direction is a mess; if I write one English character within an Arabic sentence everything gets messed around. This is a shame for such an amazing app like Asana, it locks 400 million users out.

  2. The Integration with Discord / Discord Bots / Webhooks / IFTTT; any one of that would be enough to make Asana the main working space for YouTubers and content creators. We need to integrate and link Asana to our servers and our team channels; otherwise, Asana will be limited to personal use as a Calendar or a To-Do list. I managed to create a bot on Discord that was apple to POST on Asana, but didn’t know how to GET or read from Asana. I would love to have a Zoom call with you and share my screen to explain in detail. What we need is a full integration like the one with Slack where we can interact with the Asana task from Slack

  3. A very very very annoying bug is the delayed sync with Google Calendar. Asana does sync with Google Calendar but almost 24 hours late! I managed to manually create one-way sync via Zapier or Automate, but these apps mess up the due dates and created dates and only sync when first created so the task would appear empty, and sometimes messed up, or not at all due to dates being messed up.

  4. Asana Notification system is NOT WORKING which is the main reason I am trying to link it with other apps that I can set notifications to. I would like to have customizable notifications to Asana on both Mobile and Desktop. And that should include I think a way to ping or notify other people I add as followers to the task.

I hope my message finds listening ears, and I hope I provided valuable feedback. If you fix these 4 bugs I would NOT hesitate for a second to partner with Asana and promote it on my channel.


My brother and I programmed a bot that is able to link Asana with Discord, and it is successful; the only problem we are facing is that we are unable to find the terms used for each of the “events” and “stories” Asana is doing to be able to link them properly, and we have searched the API documentation. I would really find it helpful if you can point us in the right direction, or even provide us with any help in perfecting the bot. We managed to create Tasks on Asana by Discord Bot Command, and we also could notify Discord when a task is created on Asana. However, we are having problems getting the rest of the information through, like date created, date due, the description, the followers … such stuff.

Hi Rami,

(FYI I don’t work for Asana in case there’s any confusion about that.) I don’t have such a list handy, though I agree it really should be in the docs.

@Ross_Grambo, what say you - can you help out here? Thanks!!

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Thanks @Phil_Seeman!

Hello @Rami_Emad,

When you say ‘terms used for each of the “events” and “stories”’, are you referring to the schema of the endpoints? Our events schema is here and our story schema is here.

Is your Discord Bot hitting our /events endpoint or is it using Webhooks?

If it’s using webhooks, you’ll need to request the resource after hearing a change event. An example being, a webhook says Task{gid: 1234567890} changed, so you send a GET to /tasks/1234567890 to get the updated data.

If you’re using events, you’ll most likely want to use opt_fields. Your request to the events endpoint would have a url like: /events?resource=1234567890&opt_fields=date_created,due_date,description.

Parsing stories for changed data is not the most reliable way to get this data, as stories in Asana are not immutable and not an audit log. You may experience desync doing this with stories.

I could be wrong but I think what he meant, and what I was commenting should IMO be in the docs, is a list of the possible values for an Event’s action for each resource_type.

Ah. Thanks @Phil_Seeman. You’re totally right, we don’t list the values anywhere in the docs as far as I can tell.

Is this bot public by chance? I’m wanting to use a discord bot to integrate with asana and have started to worry that I’d need to program it myself


Hi Rami! I am desperately looking for any integration between DIscord and Asana through Bots. It would be great to have a chat about the solution that you guys have set up! Let me know if you are interested.

Same let me find discordguides to fix the solution.

Guys check out https://discordguides.com/ It might help.