Could not connect service. I can´t connect IFTTT with asana

I’m having the problem too with a similar recipe I made and has worked great for a long time.

I submitted a request (#141991) but it’s one-way only; they don’t promise any reply.

It would be wonderful if some at Asana could apply some leverage; this must be a popular integration with Asana and all IFTTT/Asana customers are perhaps down at this point.



My recipe is working again, at least at the moment, even though IFTTT Activity log says it’s being skipped!

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Hey Larry,

I’m sure that’s because the string-ID change was only turned on for 24 hours yesterday to today, to surface issues (like this one!). Now IFTTT and others have 2 weeks to fix things until it gets turned on for good on the 29th.


Right. I hope Asana reaches out directly to such a major player who clearly is not paying attention on their own, and perhaps won’t heed random reports like mine (even though I included the specicic link you mentioned).

Yeah! Hopefully they already have.

cc: @Joe_Trollo @Ross_Grambo ??

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Hey @Phil_Seeman & @lpb,

I reached out to IFTTT about a month ago with the context of our string id change. Sadly, I never heard back.

I’ll go ahead and reach out again.


FYI, I set up an IFFT integration using Google Assistant and Asana. I used the phrase "Add a task to ", and then Google would create a task with the subject of whatever I said after the first bit (i.e. the value of the variable ). It added it to a designated project in Asana and tagged it.

Unfortunately, this has recently stopped working. There appears to be an issue with the Asana IFTTT service or system. I was wondering if anyone else had tried this or if there were any reports of issues with IFTTT.

It’s rather sad, as it was great to be able to walk around and just add a reminder via Google Home without having to pull out my phone and fuss around with it. I could also use Google Assistant, which was great if e.g. I was commuting and thought of something to add to the list.

@ElBeld, @Marie, This issue is also being discussed at:

and this post should perhaps be moved there.



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All done @lpb, thanks!

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Yep my recipe is working again too

This is the site for reporting issues in IFTTT I also have sent them an email to If we all send them our concerns the possibilities that they are going to fix it increase. In another way, unless we do something, we are all going to lose this useful service that IFTTT is providing for us, who knows for how long…

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@lpb Care to share your IFTTT recipe link, as I couldn’t find any that serves this purpose.

@D11, Sure, it’s just: `If You say “task to self $”, then create task:

where the Assignee is oneself.

Hope that helps,


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Having the same issue – reported through their form & by email (thank you for the links @JUAN_SERANTES)

Here’s the note I sent for anyone that wants to copy paste:

Asana has had a breaking API change (switching to string IDs) and my recipes are no longer working to add tasks (Applet ID [insert yours here]).

Here are more details on the API change & comments from others expressing the same problem: Could not connect service. I can´t connect IFTTT with asana


Anyone heard anything? @Ross_Grambo?


Sadly I haven’t heard anything. I’ll try to reach their support again.


Thank you for trying :slight_smile:

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Here’s a workaround:

Step #1: IFTTT recipe

  • Google Assistant > Google Sheets (new spreadsheet row)

Step #2 Zapier zap

  • Google Sheets > Asana


  1. IFTTT will create a new spreadsheet after hitting 2000 rows (I just created a task to periodically clean out the spreadsheet)
  2. Zapier costs money after a certain number of executions
  3. There is a noticeable delay (about 2 minutes in my testing)

Hope that helps if this is also a critical service for you.

Since IFTTT is still not working with the Asana service, I replaced my simple Google Assistant > Asana “Task to Self” applet described above with an even simpler one (and also simpler than @Amin_Lakhani’s immediately above because it doesn’t require 1) needing to use both IFTTT and Zapier, and 2) needing to authorize GSheets access):

First, create this applet in IFTTT:

Then set up a filter (in Gmail in my case) to forward messages that match this signature to That’s enough to create simple voice reminders, etc. as task titles (albeit with some junk in the body courtesy of IFTTT).

I still hope @Ross_Grambo will keep the pressure up with them though!



Nice – does this add due dates to your tasks? I like having my voice tasks show up in my regular workflow, and I think that would be the only thing missing from this solution for me (other than built-up junk in Gmail that might compromise search effectiveness).