Uploading video bigger than max limit breaks (Android}

When uploading video that is bigger than the 100mb limit of the product, there is no notification that this has happened. Further use of the app - adding tasks, comments etc all remain in ‘pending sync’ mode.
There is no ability to remove the offending video once this has been posted to the task. Only work around I’ve found is to delete the app and downloading a fresh install on the device.
Just me? Or have others seen this issue?
To clarify - this is on Android latest version on Asana - was also an issue on previous version too.

Hi @Robin_Cramp :wave:t3:and thanks for the report! Have you tried to quit and restart the app by any chance? I would also recommend trying to restart your phone, it might resolve the issue and save you from deleting/reinstalling the Asana app!

I will escalate the issue on my end to see what can be done and will keep you posted as soon as I have an update! Looking forward to your reply!

Thanks for coming back on this Marie - I’ll consider the options of turning off the phone should this happen again to see whether that resolves. I can confirm though that quitting the app and restarting doesn’t fix.


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Hi @Robin_Cramp and thank you so much for your patience. Our Team has pushed a fix for this issue, so it should now be resolved! Please let me know if you’re still running into trouble!