Upcoming changes that impact team management


  • all teams will have new roles that determine who can add or remove team members
  • no exact timeline yet, this is just an early heads up
  • when these changes land, the API may issue 403’s for certain mutates that previously succeeded

Hey folks,

We’re working on changes to the Teams resources and endpoints to improve permissions and management. We don’t currently have a clear specification we can share, but we want to give our developer community as much notice as possible.

Current Behavior

  • Anybody on the team can:
    • Update a team’s name
    • Update a team’s description
    • Update a team’s privacy type
    • Add or remove members of the team

New Behavior

  • Domains and teams will be able to limit which users can
    • Update a team’s name
    • Update a team’s description
    • Update a team’s privacy type
    • Add or remove members of the team

We will clarify the above behavior with more detail once we have finalized our specification


  • The following calls may respond with 403 Forbidden, if the authenticated user lacks permission
  • Team membership resources will be modified to expose more data about whether they have permission to modify teams


  • proto-announcement: 2022-10-14 (today)
  • announcement: mid-November

Yours in Developer Relations,
Sasha, on behalf of the Asana API Team


Hi Asana Communuty!
I’m actually lookig forward this change.
In our company we are extending the usage of the tool from the Single Company (around 2-3k employees) to the whole Group (up to 60k employees).
Currently we have 2 separete organizations/Domain in ASANA. 1 with ~300 users and ~10 teams, and another with ~900 users and ~50 teams.
Based on your experience I have 2 questions:

  1. do you suggest migrate the small Domain into the bigger one, or create a new 3rd Domain for the Comapny Group?
  2. in the Domain i was thinking to create a fixed and defined list of Teams based on Regions, Business Units, Functions (around ~15 Teams). Would you suggest to have this structure instead of the existing one (very rigid approach), or create it along with the existing teams (more flexible approach)?

Thanks in advance

Hey folks, just an update that the specification and description for these changes should become available in the next few weeks.


Hey folks,

This update to team memberships will begin rollout in February. In the UI, this
feature is known as Team Admins.

The documentation has been updated and should reflect the endpoints that may now
return a 403 Forbidden when a non-admin user attempts to perform an admin
action in workspaces that have Team Admins enabled. Please note: this particular
changeset only affects write endpoints. There is no change header, and this
change is not eligible for Asana-Enable or Asana-Disable headers.

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Hey folks, an update that this will become Generally Available on 2023-02-02.