Asana API vs UI Actions

Hi Asana Team!

I’m just curious if there are any plans to make all Asana UI actions accessible via the API? Some noticeable API action omissions I’ve run into recently around setting up Teams:

  1. Apparently I can only create Teams via API, not edit existing teams?
  2. When creating a Team via API, I can’t control or set the Team privacy, it just defaults to “public”

I’m sure there are many more examples where some functionality in the UI is just completely missing from the API. In our specific use case we wanted to explore automating Team creations since we create a “Team” per client that we work with and some are sensitive and should not be public to anyone other than who is working for that client and the many projects under that client.

I’d love to know if Asana will at any point approach 1:1 feature parity between the UI and API as an API-first platform for teams needing robust project management. Love what you’ve built so far and looking forward to future iterations!

This would be a question for @AndrewWong or @Kem_Ozbek


@Phil_Seeman thanks for linking them in, still new to this community so wasn’t sure if I could/should do that.


Actually I can answer your specific questions, just not the broader one since I don’t work for Asana.

It’s not documented but you can use the same create-a-team endpoint to update a team’s name/description!

That’s true. :frowning_face:

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