New Default Visibility for Created Teams


  • teams created via POST /teams may not be public starting 2022-10-26
  • visibility will be determined by domain default, if set
  • to override, include

Hey folks,

We’re making a change to the POST /teams endpoint to improve the default for most use cases, and ensure principles of least privilege by default.

Current Behavior

  • Visibility for Teams created via POST /teams is not private (exact behavior is determined by organization type)

New Behavior

  • Visibility for Teams created via POST /teams will be determined by the domain default, if set (usually public, or request-to-join)

Unchanged Behavior

  • providing a value will override the default visibility


  • You will need to specify, if your app relied on the created team being public to the organization


  • announcement: 2022-09-21 (today)
  • generally available: 2022-10-26

Yours in Developer Relations,
Sasha, on behalf of the Asana API Team


  • Emily Gao
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Thanks, @sasha_f!

One request: could you post here, and also add to the API docs, what the possible values are for the visibility property? Thanks!

Hi @Phil_Seeman!

The possible values for the visibility property are:

  • public
  • request_to_join
  • secret

You can also find them in the “Enumerated Values” section right below the “Parameters” section in our docs.


Ah thank you, @Emily_Gao! (Wouldn’t you know it, I looked for Enumerated Values for Get a team but not Create a team which is where they were…)

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Hey folks, this is now Generally Available