API News 2022-W39

Hey folks,

We’ll be modifying how our weekly API updates appear in the forum. We’ll be switching to posts on a single pinned thread. The new few posts will be the last posts to have their own threads. For your future weekly update, please make sure to subscribe to API Changelog.

This week we started the rollout of New HTML Tags in Task Descriptions. Also this week, we completed the deprecation of is_template with the completion of New Project Templates.


changeset affected resources current status next status
New HTML Tags in Task Descriptions Tasks rollout end of October: Generally Available
New Project Templates Projects Generally Available is_template is now deprecated N/A
Person & Date Custom Fields Tasks Generally Available N/A


changeset affected resources next status expected impact
Presigned URL’s for profile photos Users early October: Generally Available small
New Default Visibility for Created Teams Teams early October: Generally Available small
TBA Teams, Projects, Portfolios early October: Announcement small

Yours in Developer Relations,
Sasha, on behalf of the Asana API Team