Presigned URL’s for profile photos


  • applicable only to customers with Enterprise Key Management
  • profile photo URL’s will become presigned links with temporary
  • after some period of time (hours) the links will expire
  • requesting the resource again will issue a new link
  • this enables us to support encrypted profile photos

Hey folks,

Part of our support for customers with Enterprise Key Management means
there will be a change to the URL’s exposed for profile photos.

Current Behavior

  • Profile photos are static URL’s that never expire, until a user
    uploads a new photo or deletes their existing photo

New Behavior

(applicable only to customers with Enterprise Key Management)

  • Profile photo URL’s are ephemeral and will expire some number of
    hours after being issued
  • (users changing photos will continue to impact links the same way as


  • You won’t be able to cache profile photos any more, and should
    instead use the ephemeral links immediately after requesting them
    (this matches the current behavior of the Attachments resource)


  • announcement: 2022-08-30 (today)
  • general availability:
    • we have not decided on a final date, and are using feedback from
      the developer community to guide this
    • that said, we are aiming for 2022-10-12, at the absolute latest

Yours in Developer Relations,
Sasha, on behalf of the Asana API Team

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This will be Generally Available starting this Monday, 2022-10-17. I’ll post again on Monday once it’s live.

Hey folks, this is now Generally Available