"Unretire" a task rule


Does anyone know of a workflow to a rule I can make?

Essentially, let’s say you “complete” a task by accident and it goes to a completed/retired section

Is there a rule I can make that if I want to “unretire” this task & bring it back to the original section it was in? I tried playing around with the rules but no luck.

Thank you


I’m afraid not, because there’s no rule action send it to it’s previous section, only a section you hardcode in the rule.

You can manually do this by looking in the task’s Activity history (the fine print) at the bottom of the task detail pane to learn the last section. If the header says Comments, click the down arrow and change to Activity.

You can add a request in Product Feedback but how would you know the action was done by accident? I think you’d need to make this a manually triggered rule.



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