Unlimited projects towards a goal

It’s not clear to me why there would be a limit of 10 projects to count towards a goal. In my use-case, we have a portfolio containing roughly 15 projects, all of which I’d like to count as tracking toward a specific goal.

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Hi @jessh and thanks for your first question on the forum. :raised_hand:

My guess is that Asana considers 10 projects to be a respectable number to participate in advancing a goal…
But, if you need to track more than 10 projects (or an “unlimited number of projects”), you might want to consider adding another layer to your goal (aka “sub-goal”)

And indeed, all sub-goals can contain 10 projects each.
But, I’ve tested it, you can create more than 10 sub-goals (that’s virtually 100+ projects under a goal).

And the beauty of it is that projects can update automatically the sub-goals and the sub-goals can update automatically your goal;

Projects < Sub-goals < Goals
“The square is circled” :grin:

Some screenshots:

The goal

The sub-goal

I hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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