Unlimited projects towards a goal

It’s not clear to me why there would be a limit of 10 projects to count towards a goal. In my use-case, we have a portfolio containing roughly 15 projects, all of which I’d like to count as tracking toward a specific goal.


Hi @jessh and thanks for your first question on the forum. :raised_hand:

My guess is that Asana considers 10 projects to be a respectable number to participate in advancing a goal…
But, if you need to track more than 10 projects (or an “unlimited number of projects”), you might want to consider adding another layer to your goal (aka “sub-goal”)

And indeed, all sub-goals can contain 10 projects each.
But, I’ve tested it, you can create more than 10 sub-goals (that’s virtually 100+ projects under a goal).

And the beauty of it is that projects can update automatically the sub-goals and the sub-goals can update automatically your goal;

Projects < Sub-goals < Goals
“The square is circled” :grin:

Some screenshots:

The goal

The sub-goal

I hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just ran across this and had no idea it was a limit. I agree that this should be unlimited.

We have 4 institutional goals. Each department also sets goals. I have 4 goals with each person in my department having 1-3 goals each that contribute to them.

It’s arbitrary to have a cut off point and doesn’t make sense management wise.

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We have run across this as well and I totally agree with Heather, there should be no limit. 10 may work for short term type projects, but we are dealing with many long-term projects. We have more than 10 projects guiding us towards our goals. I’d like to request this be considered for a future Asana update. While I understand the suggestion above, this is a work-around and not the best way to get this done.

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+1 - there should be no limit for how many projects can contribute to a goal. At least make it more than 10. Using sub-goals isn’t a clean workaround.

We would like unlimited projects towards a goal. Why is Asana trying to define this for us? Yes, we can make sub-goals and frankly would like to manage it via sub goals but we would also like to see all projects listed under the main goal. So for example, our team has a goal of “Building user communities.” We have 6 services in our group and multiple projects per service. I don’t mind each service having it’s own sub-goal but I would like to be able to show all of the projects we are doing as a team, across all services, to achieve building better user communities. So I’m not loving sub goals…

Hi @jessh and all,

Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

I’d like to announce that the limit was increased to 100 connected projects that automatically rollup to the goal progress.
Also, the total number of items was increased to 120:

  • projects connected for automatic progress rollup
  • tasks, projects, and portfolios in related work section

For example:

  • When we have 100 connected projects, we can have 20 other related work items.
  • When we have 80 connected projects, we can have 40 other related work items.
  • etc.

It’s not still unlimited, but I hope the update helps!

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