Underline Sections Update

I haven’t been able to find any updates or tips to underline the sections since March '22. Tab+N or CTRL+N does not work. Is there another short cut that’s been created to achieve this?

Hi @Stacy_Thomas,

AFAIK there’s never been a way to underline a section per se. Are you referring to subtask sections like the “Phase 2:” shown below?

If your cursor is in the subtasks area of a task, then Tab+N will create a new subtask section.



In addition to @Phil_Seeman’s reply, I can add that for a task detail (right pane) showing something like this:

then in the main task list (left/primary pane), if the view is unsorted then you’ll see expand/collapse arrows and if you expand the same info will show like this in the task list pane:

You’ll note there’s no underline here, and not sure there ever was, but a very long time ago, Sections (not Subsections, but real top-level Sections) actually were rendered in the Asana graphical design to look more like the first screenshot above–long horizontal rules. So maybe you saw some old screenshots in a Forum post or something that were frozen in time from history? But they’re rendered now without the underlines and no way to alter that.

Hope I didn’t just make that more confusing!