How to get Sections underlined

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I am new to Asana and looked at lots of guides / videos but I can’t find the answer to this question - how do you get your sections underlined when you add them to a Project? Right now, when I add sections, they are not underlined. I can however see that they get underlined if I create sections in the My Tasks area but not in a partiuclar Project. I know it is possible to do this from watching videos but cannot see why mine are not underlined. I guess this is not a Premium feature only? Thanks for your help!



Sections went through a redesign relatively recently and then there was a shift to the spreadsheet view, which is much cleaner. I believe some of those videos and content on the guides are showing a previous version of the project sections. Do the sections not stand out for you enough in the new list view? Is this why you are looking to underline?


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Hi @Andrew19! Welcome to the Forum! :smiley:

As @Katie_Reynolds has explained we are still in the process of updating our Guide articles regarding some of the new features and functionalities available in Asana, so apologies if some of the Guide Content aren’t yet matching what you’re seeing on your end.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out in the Forum. We’ll be more than happy to assist you further!

Have a great Thursday Andrew and Katie!

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Hi Kate and Natalia,

Thanks very much for your replies and help - greatly appreciated.

I thought I would attach a couple of photos to show what I mean in case this helps clarify.

One photo is of the My Tasks screen and the other is a photo of when I am in a specific project (in this case called ‘To Do List - General’).

As you can see, in the My Tasks screen, the sections I have created appear with an underline (made by pressing Tab+N). However, when I make a section in the project screen (also made by Tab+N) the sections do not have an underline. I have seen a video online where the person was in a project and made a section and it was underlined there as well.

My question is - can I make sections I make in a project also be underlined too or has this now changed? I just like the look as makes it easier to see the different sections.

Many thanks



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Here is the other photo of the My Tasks section.



Hi Andrew and thanks for the screenshots. At this point you cannot underline the section titles in projects. However, Asana is great at listening to their subscribers so I would suggest you create a post for this feature for others to vote on in the #productfeedback section . I imagine you aren’t the only one that would like to see a way to distinguish the sections more. I too have wished you could highlight task titles or section headers myself.



Hi Katie,

Thanks very much for for your help and clarifying this. Will put this as a feature request as suggested.