Section or Line Breaks within a Project?

In some parts of the Asana Guide, it looks like there’s the ability to create a large space or even an extended line between clusters of sections. Here are two examples: or

I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this, and I’m not seeing any info in the Community Forum or Asana Guide. Any guidance/help welcome. (I’m new to Asana). Thanks!

I don’t see how to do this either. I like the one with the lines, looks nice. Perhaps these are old screenshots of how sections use to look and now it’s different. Hopefully Asana admins can answer. Thanks!

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I can confirm this is an old screenshot of sections. No underlines anymore in the UI.

However, this was part of a few UI and functionality changes that are AMAZING. The indenting of all tasks, and expand/collapse ,gives a slightly more subtle distinction but WAY cooler and cleaner experience than before. I’ll take it :slight_smile: