Unable to sort by picklist [latest update]

We noticed something weird going on these past 2 days.

In our projects we have a single picklist field called Sales Rep with about 20 values to choose from.
Up until 2 days ago we were able to sort by these (ascending/descending).
Today we are unable to sort by this picklist, the other picklists are not affected.

This picklist has been affected across all of our projects, which is weird because we didn’t deploy it from the field library.

Anyone has any suggestions as this functionality was really convenient for us?
I would have reached out to support but I placed some requests a month or two back on which I never heard back so hoping I have more luck here :smiley:

I think they moved the Sort control - but I can still sort:

Does that work for you?

it doesn’t sadly, no.
i do have a theory that it might be because it’s a multi select picklist, the other ones that are not affected are all single select.
i will test this out and let you know

my assumption was correct, this is caused by having the picklist be a multi-select type.
i am however not sure that this is the intended behavior as apparently this was working prior to February. feels like a bug, can anyone from Asana confirm/deny this?

Hi @Andy_Pilipovic , in a recent update, multi-select fields (and People fields) can no longer be sorted BUT you should see a ‘Group by’ button next to your Sort button. Can you try that?

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