Unable to share link to form outside organization

My client cannot share the form outside organization, the option is disabled with the tooltip that Administrator turned off this option.

From Admin console they cannot edit the permission due to the explanation at the top of the window that they are not on Enterprise plan now. Regardless of that it seems that the options are set properly (due to this topic: I can't share the form with members who are not in my project):

Is it bug or is there another place in Asana/Admin Console where they can activate the public forms?

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Hi @AnnaPapiernik , is your client perhaps on a trial version?
Public forms are not available during trial periods, which would be nice for the tool tip to explain!


You can check Admin console > Forms access permissions > see image
Does it help?

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Yes, they are on trial version but I can set the form as public on my own trial. So I’m not sure it is this case.

My second screen shows the same picture but in different language. Whole window is grated out with the message (in orange) that this change is only possible for Enterprise plan. So we cannot change it in Business version where I assume each project member can turn the form into public (as it is now set but doesn’t work).

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Hi @AnnaPapiernik, thank you for confirming that they are on a trial. This blockage in free trials is in place due to the potential breakage of internal links should the trial not be continued. I’d recommend having the trial’s billing owner reach out to our Support team as they might be able to override that. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your confirmation.

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