Unable to recover deleted task with search feature?

Hi all -

Does anyone have any tips on how to recover a deleted task? I’ve tried the search function and nothing appears. I don’t have “show more” as an option in my left sidebar and am using the paid version. I don’t understand how my work just completely disappeared and customer support is lacking.

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you!

Welcome, @Candie_Waterloo,

In your advanced search, did you add (with + Add filter) the More > Deleted parameter, and then change the default Any to Deleted like this:

Start just like this, and if you need to refine due to too many search results, carefully do so, or perhaps instead just sort by date if you know when it might have been deleted.

Or maybe you lost access to it somehow and someone else can see it?



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I actually figured it out! The issue was that in addition to clicking “deleted”, I also needed to click “incomplete” as a filter. Once I did this, my work reappeared! The forums don’t mention that workaround!

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