Unable to go to home screen of app. Showing deleted project while going back to home screen

unable to go to home screen of the asana directly after viewing task by back button it repeats all the viwed tasks and even deleted tasks. further it also shows to delete the same in overview option of the project and sends an error mail of unable to delete the project
Steps to reproduce:

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Hi @Mayank_Sancheti_Co and welcome to the Forum! Sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulties here.

Could you please answer a few questions to help me better understand what is happening here?

  1. Are you having difficulties reaching the Homepage? Have you tried clicking on Home in your sidebar?

  2. Are you trying to delete a task? a project?

  3. Could you please share some screenshot of the error messages you’re seeing?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi @Mayank_Sancheti_Co,

I haven’t heard from you in the last few weeks, so I suspect you might have managed to resolve this issue on your end? I’m closing this Bug for now, but please let me know if we need to re-open it!