Unable to create a custom field

I am a solo user of Asana and am the project admin for all my projects. When I click to create a custom field, and the window opens the “create field” button is greyed out. I am on Starter.

Hi @Tricia_Zoromski , welcome to the forum :wave:

It may not be obvious but you need to fill in the ‘Field title’ box in order to be able to save a custom field. It would be nice if Asana prompted users to do this…!

Hello Richard, thank you for replying.

I have entered a field title and the create field still does not become active. I’ve attached a screen shot for you to reference.

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create at least one option, or change the field type.

Sometimes Asana “forms” indeed aren’t clear enough on what information is missing. And their placeholders are a bit too visible.

Got it. I thought I had tried entering an option and it didn’t work, but that was it. {Sheepish grin}. Thanks for the replies.

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