UI change - Project tabs/buttons in tasks pushed down


Totally agree with this post. VERY unhelpful change in UI. Please revert.


I am a longtime Asana user and introduced it to my company. We currently pay for 60 seats and it is widely used throughout our organization. I am dismayed by the recent UI changes and I very much agree with the thoughtful, detailed critiques posted here.

First, it was disruptive to have this happen in the middle of the work day - I went to multiple browsers and even my phone to try to figure out why all of a sudden everything looked totally different. Not helpful.

Second, I strongly disagree with the de-prioritizing of key information in favor of making the “Mark Complete” button VERY LARGE. Too large in my view. We all use Asana in different ways. For some, Mark Complete is the single most important priority. For others, such as myself, knowing who owns the task, its due date AND its project membership is often far more important in the Task pane view. In the redesign, these are pushed way down and are not visible in many cases. There also seems to be wasted space at the top whereas before it was compact yet elegant and functional.

I see this morning that you have partially changed back - putting assignment and due date above the comments box. I am not sure if you are still testing or what but I request that you go further in restoring the original UI. Thank you.


I think that there was and is a logic in having info shown in the following order that I recommend the development team at Asana consider re-instating in both desktop and Android apps (I guess the same applies to Apple phones):
First line: Project, Section
Second line: Task name (the complete button should resume the same form factor as it has on the task list pane and should retake its position to the left of the task name)
Third line: Assignee, due date (visibility should be placed in this line, not the banner on top of the task pane)
The top most part of the task pane should be completely used to show icons. Why is it that the tab icon was replaced with the copy task url icon. Tabs are widely and massively used and there is enough space.
General comment: I am concerned that the development team is focusing and using development hours in this type of things instead of increasing functionality. For example:

  1. Tasks that are dependent on the completion of other tasks to get started should show a red marker of some type in both the task list pane and the task pane itself so that the user can know at a glance that task is blocked.
  2. When the task on which the dependency is set (the precedent task) is completed, the dependency pane disappears, so we are obliged to copy / paste that info into the description to keep a record of precedent tasks before the precedent task/s are completed. Very high maintenance.
  3. Comment edit capability. There is no audit trail of edits, so people can go back and edit their comments no matter how much time has passed since posted and there is no way to know if the comment was changed nor what the changes were. This, basically, means that anyone can go back on their words and that the comment section of each task has lost all value as a record of our team members opinions and decisions on matters. Comments should be editable for the first 15/30 minutes after originally posted or, if there is no time limit, there should be a persistent audit trail on changes.
    I think, these are the things the development team should be thinking about, instead of tinkering with cosmetic details that, on top of everything, are reducing functionality of the service.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Martin Kember


This and permissions are reasons my client can’t leave Jira.


So this is reply no. 25. I hope, Asana, that is clear now: You’ll simply have to turn back the old UI. The question that pops up to me: why did you changed it in the first place? Who asked for it? Not the 25 people in this thread. And not the 14 people I work with. They all hate the new UI and they find it’s a big step back! This is the first time I had ever heard negative comments about Asana in my organisation. So please, turn it back. And I don’t mean a part of it. I mean ALL!!!


OMG why??? This has basically made it impossible to see what projects a task is shared with and what tags are associated. We too, a company of 16, have long descriptions that now make it so that we can’t see what we’re looking at. Top level view, on top of the task header, should always have what projects a task is shared with. No one needs assignee and due date to be the main feature.


If they are going to make this change, at least add a Show/Hide feature to version history area and Description field. Making those collapsable/expandable would help in this new UI.

Lastly, why “Mark Complete” now a box? and not a circle like everywhere else?


I have to agree.
The “Projects” area because of Multi-Homing is very much used by us and thus should be more prominent (or as prominent as before). Definitely not hidden below the task description. It gives the task also important context.

(edit: personally, I am even sometimes wishing Custom Fields to be above a lengthy description. Basically, everything that gives a task quick context. And your change, Asana, did exactly the opposite)


And to place a new tag is now behind a menu, not with the other icons, like ‘attachments’ and ‘subtasks’, like it used to be. I’ll keep asking: Why this crazy changes? Why?


After so many negative comments, I find the complete and utter silence from the Asana team a tad disturbing. I would expect at least an acknowledgment of our grievances and a promise to review them and get back to us as soon as possible.
Anyone out there agrees with me on this?


at least we now have basic word processing features in the description and comments fields. No more typing : and guessing at emoji names and memorizing short cuts for bullet lists.


@Chris_Sylvester Wondering whether this is actually seen by the right people at Asana… Can you change the category to “Product Feedback” instead of “Site Feedback”? (The latter is for the asana.com website, not the product/application.)


Respectfully, that hardly off-sets the decrease in functionality of this UI “upgrade”…


Agree, this should be in Product/Feedback. Comments here are for community related concerns, not the product itself.


There are currently 3 related topics in Product Feedback.

I’m expect Asana will have something to say on this topic sooner than later.


I am not happy with the new change in the task field. At all…

  1. To add a tag, I now have to go to … and then choose tags. Why? Please make it visible again.
  2. To whom the task is assigned to is put lower with a unnecessary text ‘assigned to’. Also in the Due date field you see know: “Due Date”. Why? Everybody who uses Asana knows where those field are for. Please remove it.
  3. Project and tags under the description. This is the worst of all. If you have a long description, the project and tags are not visible anymore. (I am not sure if the tags where above the description, but if it was not: it is a good idea to move up).

I read somewhere that this is maybe an A/B test. Please make me A again… :slight_smile:


I’m not happy with the new Task layout either. Primarily because vital Task data has been lowered and is sometimes out of view.

  1. Lowering additional Projects. As Paul said, it’s really bad when buried below a long description.
  2. Lowering Assignee and Due Date fields, which are definitely more important than a Mark Complete button.

And I can’t see it. What does this new Task layout improve?


A very good question: why in the first place needed it to be changed? The lay-out was good, so why?


Definitely agree… second everything here and in the comment string.

another post here:


In a recent release, the developers have moved the “associated project” below the task description. Our team uses this to sort things in the project into subsections. Now I have to scroll down past the task descriptions to organize that task within the project. Please move this back to the top!!